Located in south central Arkansas, just 40 miles from  I-30 and 100 miles south of Little Rock, the Camden facility serves the 17,000 acre Highland Industrial Park (HIP).   Established in 1972, the Camden operation has a proven track record of providing customers with safe and efficient railcar management.   The EACH is a wholly owned subsidiary of HIP which enhances our ability to coordinate services such as railcar storage, warehousing, scheduling, transloading and industrial development. 

Car Capacity - 3000 Railcars

Connection - Union Pacific

Security - Public industrial park with contract security

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East Camden & Highland Railroad Company

PO Box 3180

 Camden, AR 71711

Phone - 870-574-0770

Fax - 870-574-2637

Operational Issues or questions -

Mr. Bruce Coffey


Email - bcoffey@eachrr.com

Customer Assistance & Support -

Mr. Jerry Adams - Manager Customer Service

Email - jadams@eachrr.com

Thanks again for visiting our web site. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any of our services, possible business partnerships or comments about our company.  We're proud of what we do and committed to doing our job safely and efficiently.

Have a SAFE day,

The Employees of the East Camden & Highland Railroad Company